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To make sure you're on the most cost-effective price plan, we check your energy usage every 12 months and let you know if we've got a better price plan suited to your individual needs.

Instead of changing your price plan now, we recommend you wait for your annual review to take place.

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Daily Fixed Charge (cents per day) Variable Charge (cents per kWh)
Low user
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Prices include Electricity Authority Levy and GST

Should I pick the standard or low user plan?

Low usage

Low Users plans have a lower fixed daily charge, but higher unit rates. These plans are cheaper for customers who use less than 8,000kWh per year (around 667kWh a month). As a general guide households with 1-2 people can be better off on the Low User Plan.

Standard usage

If you use more than 8,000kWh a year then our Standard User electricity Price Plan will be more economic for you. If you have 3 or more people in your household, or you have high use items (such as a spa pool), then you will probably be best on the Standard Plan.


Electricity rates are charged per kWh (kilowatt-hour). Our rates are made up of a daily fixed rate, an Anytime (variable rate) and an Electricity Authority Levy charge per kWh. Rates include GST.

  • Daily fixed charge: A set daily amount that covers the fixed costs of supplying power to your property
  • Variable rate: a per-kilowatt hour charge for the amounts of electricity you use
  • Electricity Authority Levy: This charge funds the Electricity Authority's work to regulate the electricity industry