Frequently asked questions

Read through the frequently asked questions outlined below for answers to any queries you might have. If you'd like assistance, get in touch with us here.

Top 5 Questions

Can I get a payment extension?

When we set up your account we gave you $10.00 credit. This allows you a one day extension to top-up before your power is disconnected. Remember to top-up before 11am so you don't get disconnected. If you're having difficulties paying your account, get in touch with us here to discuss your options.

Can I get a statement showing payments made, electricity used or proof of address?

Yes, you can! To do this:

This report has everything you need. It shows your name, the address we supply power to and the cost of electricity used over the last 12 months.

I've lost my top-up cards, how can I pay?

If you're already logged into the GLOBUG App or website, you can top-up by making a credit/debit card or internet banking payment. You can even order new cards online too. Alternatively, get in touch with us here and we'll be more than happy to help you out.

Why does it cost me to call you?

Your mobile provider may charge you to call us on 09 475 7230 from a cell phone. The good news is there are free ways for you to get in touch:

Why did I get disconnected when I still have credit on my account?

When your GLOBUG balance drops below $10.00, you have until 11am the next day to top-up or your power will be disconnected. To remain connected, just keep your account balance above $10.00.

Joining GLOBUG

How can I join GLOBUG?

With GLOBUG there are no contracts, no bonds, no credit checks and it's easy to join. Just click here, follow the prompts on screen and we'll be in touch! It'll only take you around 5 minutes.

How long will it take for my GLOBUG account to be set up?

Although we aim to get your account set up as soon as possible, it can take up to 20 working days. But don't worry, your power won't be disconnected and we'll send you texts keeping you updated with our progress.

What is the cost I'll pay with GLOBUG? I'd like to compare this to my current company.

Grab a recent power bill, click here and follow the prompts on screen to get a bill comparison. Alternatively, give us a call on 0800 456 506 and we'll be happy to help.

When can I start topping up my GLOBUG account?

Just top-up as soon as you receive your payment cards. We'll send you a text reminder too.

How do I know when my GLOBUG account is set up?

We'll send you a text when your account is set up and it's time to begin topping up.

How do I pay for the power I use between when I join GLOBUG and when I get my cards?

We'll know how much power you've used once your account is set up. Instead of having to pay this in full like you would with other power companies, we'll add this amount to your account as a debt. We will simply deduct 25% off each top-up you make to pay it off.

Will I get disconnected while I'm waiting for you to set up my account?

Definitely not! Give us a call on 0800 PRE PAY (0800 773 729) if you do encounter any issues.

Do I need to contact my old provider and tell them I have switched power companies?

No, leave that to us! Once you've let us know you'd like to join, we'll take care of the rest.

Understanding your GLOBUG Account

How can I find out my current account balance?

It's easy to get your current account balance at any time:

  • Log in to "Manage My Account"
  • Text BAL followed by a space and your top-up card number to GBUG (4284).

What is my debt balance made up of?

Your debt balance is usually made up of the power you used while we were setting up your account and you were unable to top-up. It could also include any debt transferred from a previous power account. For a detailed breakdown, just get in touch with us here.

How do I know when to top-up?

You can log in to the GLOBUG App or "Manage My Account" to set up email, text or notification reminders to be sent to you.

Where can I find a full list of GLOBUGs service fees?

A full list of our current fees are available on our terms and conditions page here.

How do I log in to the GLOBUG App or website?

It's easy to log in to the GLOBUG App/website just:

  • Log in to "Manage My Account"
  • Enter the surname of the GLOBUG power account holder and card number
  • Choose "Sign In".

How can I contact you?

The best ways to get in touch are:

Leaving GLOBUG

I've moved out, what do I do?

Let us know you've moved so we can stop charging you for power at your old address. To do this:

Alternatively, you can let us know you've moved by getting in touch with us here.

Does it cost to close my account?

Yes, an account closure fee of up to $35.00 is charged when your GLOBUG account is closed. This includes repaying the initial $10.00 we credited to your power account.

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